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Drinkman Apr 08, 16 12:13 AM

going long a Put contract means you buy a Put contract and need to "Sell to Close" to close your position

Drinkman Apr 08, 16 12:14 AM

for example by me going long 1 Put contract im indirectly shorting a stock via an option contract

dallasteche Apr 08, 16 8:18 AM

thanks...contract expiry i can go and check how the price action moves?

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[TimAlerts] Bought TRXC yesterday at $4.70 and got out at $4.90 pre market..dont want to hold anymore

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ademkow Mar 29, 16 11:44 PM

ARWR is going to be a good one! Nice find =)

dallasteche Mar 30, 16 12:29 AM

can you share your finvix filter settings. Thanks

MichaelPaiva Mar 30, 16 12:56 AM

@dallasteche Yeah man no problem I have a few of them. I use the ones Nate Michaud has that he put in his tandem trader DVD. Then I have an overextended scanner that you just go under performance and and you can click the performance week setting and it will put the biggest % gainers on the week at the top. And the last one I created is small cap under 2 billion, float short 20%, under $10, over 200k volume, and over 2 relative volume.

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