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Turbobob Apr 07, 17 12:14 PM

Ash is right. It is just a ratio. Less than 5 not much difference. A number between 5 and 10 and it should add momentum to a trade with a catalyst. Over 10, and watch the fireworks begin

Turbobob Apr 07, 17 4:18 PM

I use 100 day average volume in my calculation (or 90 days off of yahoo finance)

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Learnthings Mar 26, 17 6:29 PM

you can still trade after hours. Instead of the order type being "GTC" you would put it in at "EXT" for extended hours. Because volume drops off so significantly, the spread tends to widen. You'll notice hot stocks that are still trading a lot AH will have a tighter spread.

Learnthings Mar 26, 17 6:31 PM

What you're seeing in the top picture is the last closing price which was 9.85 on 3/23

huperauxano Mar 26, 17 6:36 PM

@Learnthings Thanks for your reply - I couldn't figure out what that number was! So no need to either get excited or freak out on a number that is old news. Thanks again.

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Jacob_925 Mar 16, 17 8:07 PM

@Learnthings 300 in total so im not out of the game. still hurt me cuz i know better

Exile Mar 16, 17 9:26 PM

Hey I bought that at the exact same time for the r/g move and possible retest of the highs. Didn't work out so did Rule #1.

petwyt1218 Mar 16, 17 10:15 PM

You had a good entry. That's where I would have bought too, especially when trading with larger size you need to anticipate the breakout because if you wait till it's confirmed, by the time you get in with a large position you get slippage. It's just if I saw that breakout reject, i wouldve been out of that trade a minute after I entered. No way I would've held. Early morning plays are very very quick.

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Learnthings Mar 16, 17 7:03 PM

Just keep watching. I've been studying HARD for 18 months now and just feel like I'm "getting it." It's not even a matter of learning new things, necessarily, but getting the patterns engrained in the brain. keep at it!

start2go Mar 17, 17 8:34 AM

Thank you for positive feedback!!! Definitely been watching and seeing if I can distinguish patterns, and investing in knowledge at the moment hopefully a lot more soon! Thanks again!!!

Torkers Mar 18, 17 6:50 AM

Some of these Stocks are real difficult to understand - no news and still somehow it spikes big - some of them are just pump and dumps offcourse and then Its good to take Some profits on The run up "meat of The move" - but dtudy The level 2 real good When youre into The stock - When You see The volume fading Its usually good to Get out - be happy With a little profit and not Get greedy... and definitly CUT your losses quickly - especially on this spikes that have no catalyst for The run ups... b

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Learnthings Mar 11, 17 10:36 AM

I see paper trading as beneficial to learn how the software works, and to see charts develop in real time with lvl 2 and T&S tape. But i definitely agree with what I think is your main point. No matter what people say, PT simply does not evoke the emotional response. This, to me, is one of the biggest parts of trading.

DeeSniper Mar 11, 17 10:41 AM

I agree paper trading lacks real life drama but don't agree it is without benefit. I see it as a stepping stone. As to the gurus well their voices/lessons in my head have kept me from making really stupid mistakes so many times. I'm thankful for the gurus.

RichDupre Mar 11, 17 12:03 PM

I tried paper trading using other platforms like TOS, but the problem was the data wasn't in real time. However, I used Stocks To Trade's paper trading platform for about a month, and it worked wonders for me. The data is real time and it helped me to master reading charts, order entry, Level 2, T&S, etc. It's very much like real trading (minus your money). I would highly recommend it even for just one month.

Learnthings Mar 11, 17 12:30 PM

@SnowDog as long as you don't cheat and look ahead a 20 min delay shouldn't make any difference...

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Learnthings Mar 11, 17 11:06 AM

@DeeSniper my strategy has been pretty straight forward. Find stocks that are getting the shit kicked out of them, and get a couple lickings in myself.

Learnthings Mar 11, 17 11:07 AM

@DeeSniper In particular I look for beat down stocks to have a morning spike, then I short into the lower high while risking off the high. Check out CLF for the past couple weeks. You'll see what I mean.

Learnthings Mar 11, 17 11:13 AM

HRB was another one I've been watching the last two days. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play because I was out of day trades. You can see how that chart follows this pattern too.

DeeSniper Mar 11, 17 3:11 PM

Thanks was curious. I've never shorted. Decided to go long 1 yr before I try shorts. But I'm learning about it.

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