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axlk Aug 10, 18 2:00 PM

Thanks Roland

RouxBourbon Aug 11, 18 12:49 AM

Thank you. I know the drawing is over, but if i could guess, id say an SUV. Like an Escalade, Tahoe, or a Denali. Would you mind replying and saying what it was?

PocketPAT May 11, 19 1:23 AM

Thanks Roland!!! LESSON: Even though after-hours and premarket trading is sketchy due to illiquidity, it can sometimes present ideal opportunities for good profits.

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@RolandWolf I just watched your intraday long setup video with AMMA and it looks like $INFI did the same thing: the whole morning until 12pm on the 5 min chart $INFI had been forming a wedge using $3 as resistance. Right at 12pm there was a p/a and vol "perk" and then it pulled back to the $2.80's but still forming higher lows. Then right around 12:40pm is when it really started to b/o to $3.40's before pulling back to $3 and then bouncing to $3.70. Can you confirm if this is the setup you were just describing in your AMMA vidoe? Thanks!!

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Turbobob Jul 17, 17 11:02 PM

Typcially the hot stocks are in a couple of sectors. For example, pot stocks have been hot. Solar stocks are heating up now. The last year it has been semiconductors. Now biotechs I think are coming in to vogue.

Dboyce13 Jul 18, 17 7:28 AM

Thanks for the heads up on $CENX ill be watching this @ open for direction ! Can you explain the short ratio "5.8 days to cover " what does this mean? I will be in the chat

heathlong99 Jul 18, 17 8:10 AM

@Turbobob Thanks for the insight, I was only looking at the chart and not the bigger picture i.e. sector/company health

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PlasticPaul Jul 15, 17 3:52 PM

Nice. Many thanks for the useful video

LizLele Jul 16, 17 10:33 PM

Nice job! You said you are alerted to stocks- do you mean because you are watching and see the change or is there an alert system i'm unaware of? Thanks! Also how do you make your nightly watchlist? Have you covered that yet? I just happily stumbled upon your videos.

Torkers Jul 16, 17 11:07 PM

real nice and informative video!!

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heathlong99 Jul 05, 17 8:25 PM

Thanks Bob, quick question though. On $ACHN, how did you determine $6 as a price target and not $5.50? The $5.50'ish range is where support was found before in the past. Just working to better understand the nature of the stock market beast. Thanks for your time.

Turbobob Jul 06, 17 12:50 AM

Stocks tend to fill the gap and $6.00 was the gap price. It could run into trouble at $5.50 as well. Price action will be the determining factor.

heathlong99 Jul 06, 17 8:41 AM

Oh ok, thanks for the clarification.

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