@RolandWolf I just watched your intraday long setup video with AMMA and it looks like $INFI did the same thing: the whole morning until 12pm on the 5 min chart $INFI had been forming a wedge using $3 as resistance. Right at 12pm there was a p/a and vol "perk" and then it pulled back to the $2.80's but still forming higher lows. Then right around 12:40pm is when it really started to b/o to $3.40's before pulling back to $3 and then bouncing to $3.70. Can you confirm if this is the setup you were just describing in your AMMA vidoe? Thanks!!

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@Jbroome Not sure if you were actively watching chat when I thanked you, so wanted to thank you privately for alerting the $INFI news in chat early today. Wasn't on my watchlist, but that made me start researching. Liked the catalyst and setup, so ended up getting 2k shares in premkt and doing well on them. Thanks for the heads-up! Good luck trading!

Jbroome Oct 12, 17 12:31 PM

this is great I am glad I was able to help in some way

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How did you spot $INFI so early? When I spotted it using STT I was too late and I tried to buy the pullback on the earnings presentation and I got slammed. @Turbobob

Turbobob Mar 02, 17 10:17 AM

If you look at the daily chart it had a huge gap down back in June from $4.25 to $1.25. Since then it has beeen building a huge base. In Janaury it started to perk up and made a couple of attempts to trade through $2.75. Two days ago it breaks through th e$2.75 level trading as high as $2.90. Yesterday it has another pop up but I miss the trade. So I alert it again at $3.10 with a view of giving me time to look at it if the alert goes off. The alter goes off, I see that $3.21 is my break o

IceMan14 Mar 02, 17 10:24 AM

So what I should do is 'collect' stocks with these strong charts, put them on a large sub-watch list and create alerts for them at key support resistance and breakout areas. Which software do you use for this, I don't want all those tabs open on STT. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Turbobob Mar 02, 17 10:26 AM

I use my IB account for all of the alerts.

Turbobob Mar 02, 17 10:27 AM

and, that is what I do, Collect stock charts for future use. The upside to the strategy, other than alerts, is that you have already done your due diligence on the stock so you know if an alert comes up it is safe to trade. You are not wasting time researching and then trading. All of your research is already done.

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[TimChallenge] $INFI hitting that 2.27 resistance... if volume can push it above 2.30 then it could try to fill the gap all the way to 4.4 but doesn't look like it's gonna be happening today

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