@RolandWolf I just watched your intraday long setup video with AMMA and it looks like $INFI did the same thing: the whole morning until 12pm on the 5 min chart $INFI had been forming a wedge using $3 as resistance. Right at 12pm there was a p/a and vol "perk" and then it pulled back to the $2.80's but still forming higher lows. Then right around 12:40pm is when it really started to b/o to $3.40's before pulling back to $3 and then bouncing to $3.70. Can you confirm if this is the setup you were just describing in your AMMA vidoe? Thanks!!

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Learned a bunch today oh yeah 4 out of 5 stocks follow the market. keep the overall market close buy to check on it. that explains my small confusion today. @timothysykes . no trades today just green on the day from learning.

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MAKABOY1914 Oct 11, 17 3:04 PM

BZ wire "CASI Pharmaceuticals Shares Rise 97% After Filing Shows Insider Buy of 200K Shares on Tuesday."

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