First trade since studying, bought 50 shares of $CNET premarket with a plan to hold til market open at 4.13 and out at 3.92. had a mental stop loss at 4 and stuck to my plan to cut losses quickly. $CNET dropped at market open so im happy i stuck with my plan. Bought $HMNY as it did a late morning spike at 4.14 and out at 4.29. than from 4.43 out at 4.51 from 4.60. broke even for my first trade but very happy with how it panned out and also sticking with my plan. GREAT FIRST TRADE!

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JasonKKendall Apr 17, 1:34 PM

I have been studying hard, non stop for 6 months now. Thank for bieng an awesome mentor! So happy that I found you.

gregorymauter Apr 17, 11:05 PM

The Complete Penny Stock Course this will give me something to read between Webinars I love learning. Thanks Tim

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@timothysykes I'm a new student on this and listened to one of your videos regarding brokers & y not to Robinhood happened. yesterday $HMNY public offering screwed my positions and I could sell off AH to cut my losses early. eventually ended with $263 loss. paying commission on Schwab is much better than this nightmare. Thanks for the chat room tips. I

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FJohnson Feb 16, 1:53 AM

what is the bestthe best penny stock broker I can use if you are in Australia please.

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RockRobster Dec 21, 17 8:53 AM

This video is choppy as heck. The last 15 minutes or so is repeated.

pennywood Dec 21, 17 9:00 PM

The video seems so corrupted and ... just have problem following what you're trying to say here.

Flockstock Dec 23, 17 6:21 PM

Ugly trading, ugly webinar you must recognize when your mindset is not into the trade... Adjust, adapt and play smaller ... First green days, hot sectors, the catalyst align... Short the third green day not the first. Always play it safe and develop good habits

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