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ChristineSmith Dec 20, 18 8:45 AM

Thanks Tim... :) studying learning the patterns, learning to take singles with a small account

PocketPAT Feb 08, 4:44 PM

Thanks Tim!!! I promise to be the king of singles! I study more than I eat and sleep!

MiniMarkCuban Feb 21, 2:09 PM

Study, Study, Study, Study, Study, Study!!!

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First trade since studying, bought 50 shares of $CNET premarket with a plan to hold til market open at 4.13 and out at 3.92. had a mental stop loss at 4 and stuck to my plan to cut losses quickly. $CNET dropped at market open so im happy i stuck with my plan. Bought $HMNY as it did a late morning spike at 4.14 and out at 4.29. than from 4.43 out at 4.51 from 4.60. broke even for my first trade but very happy with how it panned out and also sticking with my plan. GREAT FIRST TRADE!

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