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Karlsson May 15, 1:23 PM

If you want to become one of the 1% traders that make millions you have to start to act like one. You cannot cut any corners, the only thing that will determine how long it will take before you can become one of that 1% of traders is how fast you can go around those corners without cutting them. And how do you come around a corner? By studying and to constantly working to keep push yourself. Start small and increase both your knowledge and trade account’s balance to increase size.

Karlsson May 15, 1:24 PM

And some key lessons and knowledge that I will take with me from this lesson is that you always have to be intact with the overall market to be aware of what’s “in” as of right now, you also have to be able to look back in history to let it guide you of how you should approach a specific stock, because it’s past behavior will tell you how it has performed earlier, and therefore give you a hint of how it might be acting today. Thanks Tim!

Peteball0101 May 23, 7:41 AM

"thanks other traders for being lazy"...great stuff

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kinderstocks May 02, 3:17 PM

I will be prepared. Im studying. Thanks Tim!!

Karlsson May 15, 1:43 PM

You might not get it in the beginning or even after 1-2 years but if you believe that you will get it some day and being willing to keep fighting for it, by preparing, learning the patterns and being meticulous about choosing stocks to play you will get it soon enough. Don’t come down too hard on yourself, successfully traders like Grattian took 9 months before he became consistent. Trust the process and keep on working hard to be able to get one step closer every day.

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First trade since studying, bought 50 shares of $CNET premarket with a plan to hold til market open at 4.13 and out at 3.92. had a mental stop loss at 4 and stuck to my plan to cut losses quickly. $CNET dropped at market open so im happy i stuck with my plan. Bought $HMNY as it did a late morning spike at 4.14 and out at 4.29. than from 4.43 out at 4.51 from 4.60. broke even for my first trade but very happy with how it panned out and also sticking with my plan. GREAT FIRST TRADE!

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[TimAlerts] Watchlist: $CNET (pre-market spike on earnings) $DPW (up pre market, call today, likely a pump) XGTI (technical buy, green day yesterday on dip)


$897 profit CNET Long Stock

Entry comments: This former Supernovas is spiking on earnings premarket, I'm catching it on slight dip off highs of 2.60s but if you remember this thing was up nearly 1,000% in a day a few weeks ago, former Supernovas like this, HMNY and CANN are back now so my goal is just to make 10-20%, but traders remember how this can fly so I'm buying premarket as I think it can spike more at/near the market open

Exit comments: PERFECT premarket gain, maybe it goes higher, since it's now at 4.05, but I like taking profits of nearly $1,000...congrats to all longs who woke up early and recognize the power of former Supernovas + earnings winners

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Rminardi503 Apr 18, 1:58 AM

How did you find this premarket? What type of screener found this trader?

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