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JonathanIParra Nov 04, 19 9:50 AM

Really good webnair focus on price action and letting the stock prove itself and entries are the key no doubt and thanks for telling us the difference between otc and nasdaq plays and explaing cash flow in biotech

ChristineB Nov 06, 19 1:35 PM

Great webinar! Thanks again Mark!

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Timmy just finished his watchlist for tomorrow. I created one to see if I can match anything on his. I created this based off of what I learned from Mark Croock in the Pre Flight Checklist video which I need to watch again. It seems as though Healthcare is a hot sector. I picked 14 low float (under 10 mil-ish) stocks, but not sure how to narrow it down further. Pics with charts listed below. Watchlist: $ARDM, ATIS, BURG, CEI, $CUR, $ENSV, $ICON, IPWR, $MLSS, $NSPR, PETZ, SEII, SES, $TROV. I need to look at their daily charts. @timothysykes

LizLele Jan 22, 19 12:07 AM

No matches today lol

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Made a nice return onIMLFF opened GAP up. I should start to sell my position as soon as I see some weakness on price action next time. I lost some of my gain.On $TROV I took a small loss.

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