Timmy just finished his watchlist for tomorrow. I created one to see if I can match anything on his. I created this based off of what I learned from Mark Croock in the Pre Flight Checklist video which I need to watch again. It seems as though Healthcare is a hot sector. I picked 14 low float (under 10 mil-ish) stocks, but not sure how to narrow it down further. Pics with charts listed below. Watchlist: $ARDM, ATIS, BURG, CEI, $CUR, $ENSV, $ICON, IPWR, $MLSS, $NSPR, PETZ, SEII, SES, $TROV. I need to look at their daily charts. @timothysykes

LizLele Jan 22, 1:07 AM

No matches today lol

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Made a nice return onIMLFF opened GAP up. I should start to sell my position as soon as I see some weakness on price action next time. I lost some of my gain.On $TROV I took a small loss.

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Tomorrow I am going to get up in the morning. I have few position for overnight play. IMLFF it had a strong finish on the day. It finished on its high of 1.13. I was trying to play this when It was 0.96 on the day but I didn't have extra money. I had taken more safer play on SNAP. Expecting it to GAP up on open. I also have another overnight play position that is on $TROV. Strong finish on the day. Expecting it to GAP open higher. My Game plan is to sell tomorrow morning on profit

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$875 profit TROV Long Stock

Entry comments: This speculative little biotech company is spiking on a solid first green day after releasing some positive news this morning and its closing strongly too so I'm buying off a slight dip off its highs that it just hit, goal is to make 7-15% overnight, ideally selling afterhours or on a gap up/morning spike tomorrow

Exit comments: Despite solid afterhours action last night up to .43 there's no gap up like I wanted and it spiked a lot so I'll play it safe and lock in small gains...potential dip buy now for me on any big dip, that seems to be the only play with this choppy one

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JackieC Mar 05, 18 4:51 PM

See what happens...should be good

SKYisDLimit Mar 05, 18 6:14 PM

Missed this one Tim, but will review the charts as you go..

robjhess37 Mar 06, 18 9:42 AM

Bought 1000 shares myself hope to sell in low 40s

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