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Nikolay98 Dec 13, 19 8:11 AM

The same as mine, except ADXS and LYG and I watch CCCL BLRX for solid dip buys too... It's good when I make your own watchlist everyday and see the similarities with yours insted just copy and paste it! Thanks, Tim!

Funjan Dec 13, 19 9:34 AM

Thank you for the reminders, 😃

andrewtucker Dec 13, 19 7:18 PM

Made $340 on TCCO. Wondering if it will go up to $7.00 again?

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So if I make mistakes, I'm all about learning from them, I technically took my first loss on a week this week, due to a stupid trade early on with $SHIP and I immediately realized that losses like this were turning into a trend. I was telling myself it was part of my education, and it was needed to learn how to get better at going long. I'm glad I woke up because the losses were starting to add up. The attached picture is going on my board and will be an integral part of how I approach going long in the future. Fortunately I'm up $300 thanks to the China Sector going bonkers today and wins on HTGM and DFFN which got close to me breaking even but I'm still holding short on $CCCL and on $CYCC 's rediculous rise Thursday.

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