Timmy just finished his watchlist for tomorrow. I created one to see if I can match anything on his. I created this based off of what I learned from Mark Croock in the Pre Flight Checklist video which I need to watch again. It seems as though Healthcare is a hot sector. I picked 14 low float (under 10 mil-ish) stocks, but not sure how to narrow it down further. Pics with charts listed below. Watchlist: $ARDM, ATIS, BURG, CEI, $CUR, $ENSV, $ICON, IPWR, $MLSS, $NSPR, PETZ, SEII, SES, $TROV. I need to look at their daily charts. @timothysykes

LizLele Jan 22, 19 1:07 AM

No matches today lol

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