$225 profit IBIO Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this big spiker/short squeeze, it ran fast once today, lets see if it can double bottom and run again, goal is the 1.60s or 1.70s, nothing huge

Exit comments: The overall market is coming back, but this one is bouncing weakly so I'm out for small profits, looks lie the shorts are back in control so it can drop again to the 1.40s, I won't risk it, small gains are fine when a play doesn't do EXACTLY what you want

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tupuad Feb 17, 10:40 AM

Thanks Tim, good work!

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mitnick2 Feb 17, 22 12:18 PM

A lot of helpful information @TimLento thank you very much. Great analysis of graphs. Definitely like the OnDemand feature and analyses.

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Windwalzer Jul 30, 20 8:31 PM

Thank you, all the chart information is so helpful to make me a better trading by being more meticulous like you are.

dumbtrades Sep 10, 20 4:28 AM

sometimes you just fuck up but the most important thing is going through all your mistakes and improving on them and get better

mitnick2 Feb 17, 22 2:16 PM

Croock it was a great webinar!

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Please congratulate this great student: 3:09PMmajickme19:Made my biggest profit today since starting the challenge the beginning of the month. Made a $5400 profit this morning on $IBIO!!! That puts me up over $9k total. Thank you Tim and crew!

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