I LOVE it, now shorts are cleaning up on virus stocks: please congratulate these students: Kriminator: $APT biggest win EVER! Covered @23 for about 7 grand...OMFG! crouchie: All out $IBIO avg 1.84 from 2.97

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Popcheez Mar 10, 5:11 PM

Thanks for helping me be prepared!!๐Ÿป

stowyo Mar 10, 5:32 PM

it is outta sight

krfdallas Mar 17, 3:48 PM

I love your attitude and the fact that you're real. It makes me laugh.

usmarine2daytrader Mar 21, 10:00 PM

Love this price action - dont like the virus but love the volatility of this sector right now

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Weefirepengy Feb 06, 2:37 PM

@Dbadas1no6 Tim uses Stocktotrade. Amongst other things but that's what he uses most in the video.

bigGV Mar 13, 2:39 AM

Thanks Tim!

cleone52 Mar 29, 3:29 PM

I agree Tim! I see what you are looking for!

Phuepham1 Mar 30, 2:51 AM

I did not receive weekly watch list for three weeks. Please! Check on this matter.I would like to have them re sent ,because I love them , very helpful. Thank you .

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tommy888g Dec 17, 19 5:56 AM

I nearly bougth LMPX for 1/3 of my account at $22. Closely watched $SSI and NK. Completely miss MIRM when took multi-months brakeout at $15.50. LOve study. Thanks Tim.

hansen Dec 17, 19 7:43 AM

Thank you for all the links, I will go through them today. still struggling with what a short sale is.

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