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Windwalzer Jul 30, 8:31 PM

Thank you, all the chart information is so helpful to make me a better trading by being more meticulous like you are.

tayhaoxia Sep 10, 4:28 AM

sometimes you just fuck up but the most important thing is going through all your mistakes and improving on them and get better

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Please congratulate this great student: 3:09PMmajickme19:Made my biggest profit today since starting the challenge the beginning of the month. Made a $5400 profit this morning on $IBIO!!! That puts me up over $9k total. Thank you Tim and crew!

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$1,890 profit IBIO Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this big runner from yesterday on a slight breakout over its range, looking to possibly go red to green, goal is to make 5-10% on this, nothing huge, cut losses quickly if it can't go green

Exit comments: Taking my single here as my goals have been hit, nice breakout over the morning high, plan worked to a T, gotta love this speculative market/sector right now, just not gonna get greedy/cocky, small gains add up nicely over time

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tessemas74 Jul 16, 3:01 PM

That is true small gain adds up!

RChen Jul 18, 5:21 PM

Thanks Tim!

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