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Yultrader Apr 08, 17 7:22 AM

Don't trade yet and get educated. Start with Michael Goode webinars, they are hidden gems. Then watch Sykes and Grittani DVD's at least once. Follow the market. Do this for 3-4 months, then rewatch the DVD's. Don't get distracted by the chat room and trying to trade. You are not ready yet. Get a decent broker and get use to the trading platform by paper trading. Try to get 50% winners before putting real money in. Most of the time, timing the trade it is all the secret. After a year of the Chall

Yultrader Apr 08, 17 7:23 AM

Challenge, this is my best advice.

Sergious Apr 09, 17 5:22 AM

By the way, most brokers will remove the ban on your account the first time you get banned for the PDT rule. Just call them and politely explain you didn't realize the rules and they will usually take it off of your account. Just don't do it twice! Good luck.

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Sergious Feb 07, 17 4:25 AM

TurboBob, what criteria do you look for to find these stocks on your watchlist? New highs?

Turbobob Feb 07, 17 7:39 AM

Generally, they are a break out pattern. Either above resistance, or out of a wedge formation or new highs.

robbins44276 Feb 07, 17 9:12 PM

whats your opinion on NAKD? i belive its poised for another good day

Turbobob Feb 07, 17 9:58 PM

Closed very strong. Watch to see if it trades over after hour highs with a move to $4.80. But it is up from $.80in 30 days so I would be careful.

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