$494 profit DPW Long Stock

Entry comments: Morning spiker on this former runner with positive debt reduction news, premarket it got up to .14s, would love to sell back there, even .12s or .13s are fine

Exit comments: I'll take the easy $500, not gonna get greedy on a sector so out of favor, but good volume and good breakout so glad I could show this during a live webinar too

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JonathanIParra Aug 16, 11:30 PM

beautiful watchlist, like you said youre main focus is focusing on these big percent gainers and as you explained in the interview with tg . you look at them yesterday in the night, before trading and in the afternoon near the close . great advice and info . first green day love it . focusing on two setups for sure

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$577 profit DPW Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former Supernova spiking premarket news of lowering debt/Bitcoin leveraging, this has run big and fast before, goal is to make 10-20% as more people see this breaking news, thanks http://stockstotrade.com for the head's up

Exit comments: Zzzzz, its holding near its highs, but it's not getting the volume it needs to really go Supernova on a Friday morning...worth a shot though as remember to be more aggressive on Fridays as things can get crazy, I'll check in again on this near the market open to see if it has more spikeability then, also watching EDAP, challenge students, live trading webinar begins at 9am EST today so be ready

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yaninapi84 Jun 08, 18 8:34 AM

What a breakfast....Good Morning Mr! #excelent

ChanceStearns Jun 08, 18 3:15 PM

It's becoming so obvious to me why your winning percentage is so high. If you choose the perfect entry on the RIGHT stock with the right setup, you shouldn't have to worry near as much about cutting losses at your risk level because it usually goes up and you have wiggle room to cut "losses" for a small profit. I've been paying a lot more attention to detail with some of this stuff.

ChanceStearns Jun 08, 18 3:17 PM

I would much rather cut losses for a small profit than a small loss. I mean every situation is different, but I'm definitely starting to see the value in respecting your plan.

SherryHall Jun 13, 18 12:50 PM

I liked the strategy you gave us i look forward to using it! thanks

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