[TimAlerts] Watchlist: $CNET (pre-market spike on earnings) $DPW (up pre market, call today, likely a pump) XGTI (technical buy, green day yesterday on dip)

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ZachR Apr 13, 8:50 AM

awesome thanks Tim

hummer75 Apr 13, 8:55 AM

First week of the challenge done.Feel like I've accomplished alot. Still have lots to learn and a long way to go before executing that first setup. Right now it's all about puzzle pieces. This is a giant puzzle, and when all the pieces are in the right place, a guy can feel confident in opening that first position. In the meantime, it's good to be up at 5:30am PT for some premarket work. Your hot picks is a great place to start. Thanks for all your hard work. You inspire me to work my ass off.

CovaEspa1 Apr 13, 8:15 PM

Thanks Tim. I saw $DPW but wasn’t unsure to play. It is a big candle. Thanks for the video.

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[TimAlerts] Bitcoin's probably got more room to run for the next while till it drops again, which will affect stocks like MARA and $DPW

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