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JonathanIParra Aug 14, 19 12:39 AM

excellent advice in a mania, take profits along the way and garbage can run

tayhaoxia Mar 10, 5:01 AM

Always look for mania above all else. Once identified the stock and the mania buy first green day breaking key support

Outdoorchick Mar 31, 1:56 PM

Thanks Mark mania is an excellent catalyst.

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$494 profit DPW Long Stock

Entry comments: Morning spiker on this former runner with positive debt reduction news, premarket it got up to .14s, would love to sell back there, even .12s or .13s are fine

Exit comments: I'll take the easy $500, not gonna get greedy on a sector so out of favor, but good volume and good breakout so glad I could show this during a live webinar too

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