$450 profit GNUS Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiking premarket on deal with Samsung to carry than channel, goal is to make 5-10%, could be quick, former runner, hot market, worth a shot

Exit comments: No big pop like I wanted, safe trading for me today after being too aggressive last night n CBAT, small gain

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I'm still in at $1.24 a share. lets see what happens.

Windwalzer Sep 25, 12:52 PM

You were waiting to get close to the previous high because the green candle were getting too small? Thank you.

CTravers Sep 25, 5:30 PM

I got in long just about where you did and I'm curious if the exit was more inspired by the price action not being what you wanted or the timing? I remember seeing some stiff resistance on the level 2 when it started testing the 1.27 open, were you hoping it would breakthrough that level a little cleaner?

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$810 profit GNUS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought premarket as this is spiking on breaking news of this former Supernova acquiring Sonic The HedgeHog & Pacman shows https://tim.ly/3gPddY0 & its run big on similar PRs in the past, lets see if it can come back this time, already hit 1.29 premarket so I'm catching it on a dip, would love to sell i the 1.30s or 1.40s

Exit comments: Solid wall of sellers in the 1.30s, it got up to 1.35 but I wasn't quick enough so I'll take smaller profits and focus on my PASO overnight play at the market open, worth a shot, potential rebuy if it can get back to the 1.30s

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Windwalzer Sep 02, 2:46 PM

Had to be a good trade for you to trade p/m. Thank you for the lesson.

RChen Sep 03, 1:56 AM

Nice. Thanks!

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Lessons from my NKLA trade just now: https://tim.ly/39mXNrD absolutely terrible price action due to it being on the other side of blatant pumping a few weeks ago, retweet that if you understand how hot pumps can become absolute disasters when the promotion ends and dilution begins like with IDEX $GNUS $MARK too

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