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Kptaindoc Aug 25, 20 3:44 PM

I share my earning for you , the dream is possible with work

Kptaindoc Aug 28, 20 6:21 AM

My Ass is not interesting except for me, so I share with you to understand how you can do the same. I would like to share how I was against Tsla, loosing so much and being here now.

Kptaindoc Aug 28, 20 6:23 AM

Of course, I am happy to have as much. I can tell you the truth, I can die at any moment so monney is not my goal. I am focus to help women, to tell my story because I droppend my account so much with the sell of TESLA that it s a thing you have to understand, please. Follow the rule, follow the rule and be safe.

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