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ArtOfWar Dec 29, 20 5:25 PM

@Crazey_Canuck So simple its difficult for most. They think its magic or something more complex......not at all.

tatievj Mar 15, 1:59 PM

By far the best explanations I have seen as to how to build a watchlist and evaluate the stocks... as always a big thank you to you!

ArtOfWar Mar 15, 5:33 PM

I appreciate the compliments.

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BBaccSoon Sep 12, 20 1:36 PM

That VXRT play was easy money!! I've experimented with that "dead cat bounce" short Friday on KODK. Took a starter 50 shares pre-market when it was struggling to hold VWAP. Turns out that was the peak 'cause I didn't get to add any size in to a spike out the open. Will definitely dabble with this play more as opportunities come.

Cam_Yake Oct 26, 20 11:54 AM

$8k win. Nice trade

Crazey_Canuck Dec 20, 20 7:36 AM

Nice Trade Ellis almost caught to the most recent videos and thank you

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