[TimAlerts] $IZEA +50% $22m mkt cap IZEA Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx® and TapInfluence marketplaces, today announced the signing of a brand-direct relationship with a top 50 U.S. retailer. After the successful completion of a pilot program, the retailer is now licensing the company’s technology to manage its influencer marketing initiatives.


$1,956 profit IZEA Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former Supernova as its spiking afterhours on a big new contract with. a top 50 retailer and improved guidance too, already hit 2.39 afterhours and I think it can retest that, maybe even. the 2.60s it tested a few weeks ago last time it spiked big, keep position small though as its speculative

Exit comments: Hit my goals nicely so I'm out...potential re-buy on any big dip or if it can break the wall of sellers that's pretty well solidified at 2.50-2.55, nice to utilize afterhours and know which former Supernovas can REALLY spike

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Willbee_Rich Sep 10, 7:05 PM

Beautiful execution Tim. Thanks for the lesson.

zaldydiesel Sep 10, 7:35 PM

@debo61810 i did, i don't know what happened :) Thank you for your response highly appreciated

Asmita Sep 13, 9:20 PM

in @ $1.88 and out by $2.08. small profit.

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