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KeepStudying101 Aug 09, 10:49 AM

I like how you buy The breakouts. You’re not buying at the top of the resistance line. It’s to risky that way

HUGOB055 Aug 10, 7:09 PM

Tim, I’ve been reading for a year now and I have done market order since day one. But now that I am on your challenge I have been experimenting limit order. How you you limit on a quick break out?

AnneMarita Aug 15, 6:48 PM

Had missed this video while I was in Europe, but LOVE the fact that you guys are helping the dogs!

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Received 44 Karmas
Willbee_Rich Aug 06, 8:24 PM

Simpathy plays are definitely one more weapon in a good trader arsenal, Thank You Tim!!!

piscott0306 Aug 10, 11:02 AM

$1000 a day keeps the real job away - - sounds good to me. I understand!!!

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