$1,237 profit KOOL Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this premarket spiker/multi-week breakout above 3.80 up on patent news, its run big in the past before, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share, might be quick, cut losses if no spike

Exit comments: Nice bounce back to the low 4s, I'm not gonna get greedy as this one is SO choppy, my dip buy is what made this decently profitable for me, but otherwise I'm just gonna take this single, not go for a home run, already dropping to 4 now by the time I even type this

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_cupuvjoe Jul 30, 17 8:35 PM

Hey Tim, I looked at big % gainers and came across KOOL and looked through how the news spiked the price. What I am curious is how come you traded this one even though its public float shares compared to outstanding shares is 2.84M to 9.9M?

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[TimAlerts] $KOOL just hired a veteran new director looking at possible entries just thought I'd throw that one out.


[TimAlerts] Learned my lesson on $KOOL the other day when I bought its B/O at the market open and then it quickly failed... even after Tim warned me its known for failed spikes

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