-$200 loss MGI Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy on this earnings winner, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge, just a technical bounce play with news and a breakout chart

Exit comments: Rule #1 cut losses quickly, stock not bouncing and market not bouncing, worth a shot, but no dice so protect, protect, protect

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vitorvmfm Oct 30, 20 10:43 AM

Why don't you think it will break the support and keep going down?

Windwalzer Oct 30, 20 1:32 PM

Seeing that there can be one more dip is good for my educational account. Thank you.

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Hotrrodder May 27, 20 1:50 PM

Did I miss an alert yesterday? Never received anything

relentlessx May 27, 20 2:03 PM

I’m not receiving watchlists everyday

Dbadas1no6 May 29, 20 1:48 PM

Wow, a negative nancy in the Aussie poster. We each have our opinions, and mine is one of accolades for someone like Tim to share his experience and knowledge with others in an unselfish way so we too can fee ourselves of financial worries by learning from him. A scam is when someone takes your money and you HAVE NOTHING to show for it. Tim took my money, I got lessons, I acquired knowledge, and I made my money back after a few trades. Scam?? C'mon, go away please. Thx

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$1,950 profit MGI Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this stoc off its highs at 2.23ish on this breaking news play https://tim.ly/3ejfvO4 MGI partnering with Uber, former Supernova, first green day could run, goal is to make 7-15%, not sure if I'll hold overnight, cut losses quickly if it can't close strong

Exit comments: Took out the day high of the 2.23s, but just barely, I'm not going to wait around and hold and hope, taking this solid gain and not looking back, hopefully this sell alert goes out okay, sorry again for the issues earlier today

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CovaEspa1 May 26, 20 3:14 PM

Received the sell alert

Windwalzer May 26, 20 8:21 PM

Nice two minute trade. It helps to see all these charts on the day of the trade. Thank you so much.

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