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JessMarg70 Jan 08, 10:43 AM

I will focus on me and trade for myself

Winstons Jan 28, 10:53 AM

im going to trade for myself

CamDole Jan 30, 4:42 PM

I will focus on ME. I am still trying to figure out what this is. I am taking trades all over the place, hopefully I will find the one or two patterns sooner than later. It is hard to tell now tho because I still have a ton of studying to do.

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$MGI and $NBY spiked a bit on the hopes it would squeeze like MLNT probly some shorts were exiting there to add to their losing MLNT positions too, shorts getting smoked everywhere right now, it's hard out for a short

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$270 profit MGI Long Stock

Entry comments: I took a SMALL speculative position on this one that seems to be feeling out a bottom near support from February in its chart in the 2.70s, nothing huge, but my goal is to sell into a bounce in the low 3s as it already hit the mid 3s earlier today on news of big new investment

Exit comments: I got a little bounce but it's looking heavy around 2.90ish still so I'll take my single and go, potential re-buy into further panic ideally

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MaiTai Jun 18, 19 10:17 PM

Thank you

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