PHIO, $BPTH, ONTX. Low float, high runners premarket. Gonna be watching these.

AnakManis Nov 22, 19 8:50 AM

Woke up at 5AM MT/7AM ET, saw EYEG with good news and running up at $8, I wanted to get in so bad, but had to poop. So after pooping, went back and saw EYEG was up at $11 and trending down. Waited for the solid 5 minutes green bar and got in. Stock was volatile due to low stock. Saw a warning at chat about offering coming, so sold and made total profit of $122 within 22 minutes. Now spending time with my kids.

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redwagonrider Aug 30, 19 8:14 AM

Push through the frustration. Stay optimistic. There will always be another opportunity

JRF Oct 15, 19 9:38 PM

Thanks Mark. A badly timed trade is a learning experience. I will not let it get to me. Move onto the next play and do better. Study the past to prepare for the future.

tayhaoxia Mar 20, 8:48 AM

missing plays is okay as long as you follow the process. Dont give up on a stock even after missing it keep on our watch list

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Muddydirt Mar 08, 3:01 PM

10-4 read you loud and clear

tayhaoxia Mar 21, 8:08 AM

you only need to be great at a few patterns and constantly learn repeat and continue doing them in order to become a millionaire

timcobra Mar 27, 4:13 AM

Thanks Tim, I understand. First green days will work only if volume is more than the previous days

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