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AnneMarita Oct 23, 17 7:55 AM

It's always the ones who didn't make it trying to troll on others, discouraging them to do what they couldn't.

AnneMarita Oct 29, 17 5:21 PM

I discovered the recipe for success couple of decades ago and since then have employed hundreds of people. I've seen how some have potential of becoming successful, but some simply don't. The ones who don't are usually prisoners of their own perception and some of them even try to drag others into their own "miss-perception" without understanding how lost they are. Great job Dux! You "broke the code" with hard work in record time! Can't wait to see your video and your "angle" to trading.

bobbythek Jan 14, 18 9:26 PM

@AnneMarita Ive managed people for the majority of my career, I have seen many of those you described trying to bring others down because e"they" didn't/couldn't do whatever it was that needed done. Its good to remind people of that... good job! & good luck!

bobbythek Jan 14, 18 9:29 PM

Let us know my friend! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING PART2 especially!

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@Jbroome Not sure if you were actively watching chat when I thanked you, so wanted to thank you privately for alerting the $INFI news in chat early today. Wasn't on my watchlist, but that made me start researching. Liked the catalyst and setup, so ended up getting 2k shares in premkt and doing well on them. Thanks for the heads-up! Good luck trading!

Jbroome Oct 12, 17 12:31 PM

this is great I am glad I was able to help in some way

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TwoBob Dec 29, 18 6:49 AM

Is ti not useful to know who these guru are that are leading there following into trades like these so we can track and explute this like you managed here. Thank you for sharing with us tim

zaraza Jan 20, 19 10:42 AM

Thank You Tim

redwagonrider Jul 31, 19 2:55 PM

I will not chase Guru Trade Alerts. I will watch, study, analyze, make a plan, and iterate

Buckers Jun 06, 4:31 AM

Great info, thankfully I can say following alerts is something I have never done or will do as I intend to be self sufficient, thanks Tim

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BuyDaDip Sep 05, 16 10:33 AM

Thanks Tim! I really appreciate the passion you bring to the game.

Jbroome Sep 08, 16 12:45 PM

Thank you for making this DVD available it is great material.

codepoet Feb 04, 17 8:21 PM

This is awesome, Thank you.

Emertrader Jul 04, 17 12:17 PM

Great material , I watched it twice already , for a beginner ( like me ) , the more you watch the clear it gets !

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