@StockPimpin101 Sorry to hear of your long WKHS trade in chat, but wishing won't make you a better trader. Study, research, and learn. Check my blog post about WKHS as an example of why it's good to simply read profit.ly. You should always do your own research, and don't trust anything online at face value, but content is out there for you to process and handle however you choose.

StockPimpin101 Jun 23, 17 12:09 PM

Ya I know wishing don't do anything lol. I couldn't offload it yesterday because I was out of day trades. I didn't catch the insider shares when I was researching still new to reading all these numbers. I held for a little bit to let shorts cover and bounce the price a bit. Got out for like $200 loss not to bad. Took half my gains for the week though.... Thanks for the advice though I study a lot but can always study more. I need to get better at my research and learning to understand all the st

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