@woodtick27 Hey I noticed you trade options from time to time, I've been trying to learn it and gotten a good idea of it so far but just wondering do you have any recommendations to specific books/videos to get a better understanding of it?

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woodtick27 Feb 20, 18 5:44 PM

Hey Nick95 I don’t have any recommendation on book to read on options. I took a weekend course with Phil Town at Rule1investing that explained it very well.

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@tommyvercetti55 Just curious do you use TD waterhouse or TD Ameritrade. I use TD Waterhouse to trade and have no problem with CSE and I the Canadian TOS for all US listed companies

tommyvercetti55 Jan 12, 18 11:43 PM

Thanks for the reply! I use TD Waterhouse to trade Canadian Equities, however for CSE listed stocks it doesn't show the level 2 data. I'm also in the process of opening a US margin account to trade US stocks. Do you really neeed $5000 USD minimum with TOS? Thanks!

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[TimChallenge] i don't have a position in $SORL. I did a couple weeks ago and missed the my alert monday morning so didn't jump back in. Fundamentally a good co.


[TimChallenge] I've been watching $SORL alongside with you, I'm aware of many of the indicators leading to a buy perspective, but the reason I'm not coming out of retirement is twofold - low volume, and seems like there are more sellers. What do you see? What's your position?

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