@tommyvercetti55 Just curious do you use TD waterhouse or TD Ameritrade. I use TD Waterhouse to trade and have no problem with CSE and I the Canadian TOS for all US listed companies

tommyvercetti55 Jan 12, 18 11:43 PM

Thanks for the reply! I use TD Waterhouse to trade Canadian Equities, however for CSE listed stocks it doesn't show the level 2 data. I'm also in the process of opening a US margin account to trade US stocks. Do you really neeed $5000 USD minimum with TOS? Thanks!

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@Hardybrian1 Congratulations! I am just curious if are you from Canada as you are using Scotia and TD Waterhouse? May I know how do you know if VLTC, WPCS, POWR will rise in price? Do you have some sort of a catalyst and website you use as basis for being Long? regards

jayjaydagumboy Jul 19, 15 11:25 PM

Are you playing the same trading style of Tim on break-out? thanks

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