$1,394 profit CLNE Long Stock

Entry comments: Good morning! I bought the dip on this big contract winner with BP http://on.mktw.net/2mdaVtv CLNE is already a $300 million company, but BP is $100+ billion and this is a $155 million deal at the minimum so it's a big deal, conference call is at 10am EST, I won't hold until then, I just want to sell int he low 3s as it already hit the 3.40s premarket so I'm buying on big dip

Exit comments: The stock is now 3.29 as I type this, so maybe I'm playing it too safe, but I don't trust premarket moves as you saw from my ROX premarket trading yesterday, biggest thing here is I was buying into a big panic that allowed for some upside, now it looks to be using the 3.30-3.40s earlier highs as resistance so I'm out at my goals, only potential re-buy on a big dip again for me, I also don't trust energy companies even though this contract and size looks solid

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bigman Mar 01, 17 4:51 PM

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[TimAlerts] trump said last night he's going to get clean energy to all time highs all i could think of was $CLNE


[TimAlerts] I'm still short $CLNE hoping to see a crack at 3pm, if not i'll take my $180 and run.

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