5timothysykes Mar 23, 10:05 AM

@bigman yup I don't allow BS, smack yourself in the head 52 times, maybe it'll make you smarter

SanketJ Mar 23, 12:00 PM

@timothysykes Tim. Haters will hate. Big man here isn't such a big man because you are the one with multiple millionaire students.. multiple schools.. you are a multi millionaire yourself.. does "BIG MAN" need any more proof as to why STT is so good?... I think you should start taking off idiots from here Tim.

praxitek Mar 23, 1:10 PM

Hi Tim, I do understand the premise. My question was purely for edification, as I am still having BASIC gaps in my stocks educations, proof of it is not understanding the variables that play a roll in scanning for stocks.

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@timothysykes nke lost 7.27% should we short hoping the trend will continue or buy because RSI is at underbought showing a strong buy. please advise

dawoud Mar 23, 1:53 PM

amazing job man well done

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@Turbobob Bob, I understand your trading style involves using 5m charting. What are the benefits of using a 5m when compared to a 1m? I personally don't understand using 5m because knowing the minuscule differences in price change are important, especially at open. Thanks for the reply (if there is one)

1Turbobob Mar 22, 11:52 PM

If a stock is volatile I will use the one minute chart in the context of the five minute chart. I get too many false signals relying solely on the 1 minute chart. But each trader has there own preference and they should use what works for them.

1Turbobob Mar 22, 11:54 PM

I also rely heavilybon the level 2 so I am seeing the instantaneous changes even more so than the one minute chart.

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WOW EMMD nearing $3, what a short squeeze

1bigman Mar 21, 10:08 AM

low volatility, weak liquidity garbage

haitianlion Mar 21, 10:53 AM

what is volatility i am a new student

alixc83 Mar 21, 11:58 AM

@haitanlion : Volatile is moment of stock. High Volatile is it goes up and down like crazy. Liquidity is how many shares are being traded. I am myself a student so knowledge above is best of understanding.

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 Received 3 Karmas
AayaKadai Mar 21, 7:07 AM

Check out ADXS bob, lot of sideways consolidation .. releasing data at a conference next week, could breakout past 2.78.

keelos Mar 21, 8:30 AM

is anyone else unable to access the chat room? i'm signed in but says I have no subscription.

IceMan14 Mar 21, 8:44 AM

I am now at this level of planning and being correct - your way of working is simple but effective. If you refined your tactics you could be at 70% rather than 64% but still a great record Bob, keep it up!

2Turbobob Mar 21, 8:59 AM

I look at a lot of charts

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