Xero Mar 22, 17 5:46 PM

Also, as I was watching the price fall while setting up the order, I decided to go with a market sell to get out fast. After that and seeing the price try to move up and get smacked down and try to move up again, I decided not to do anything with it until it calmed down.

Xero Mar 22, 17 5:48 PM

I had one potential buy point a couple minutes before 2, but once again, because I was at work, I missed out. I could have made 13cents per share, which would have been a profit of 19.50 had I bought 150 shares again. But, since I kinda felt that was my only chance, I didn't buy back in at all. Based on the price action during the day, I figured the stock would also go down at market end.

Xero Mar 22, 17 5:50 PM

Tomorrow will be a dip buy only. My guess is there will be a tiny morning spike followed by another gradual fall. I'm thinking the price will settle around 3.50-3.75 per share. Now, that's just a guestimate and by no means should you follow this advice (per Tim Sykes), but that is my prediction.

Xero Mar 22, 17 5:55 PM

More about the pre-market... Remember when I said that it's the people investing in a penny stock that decide it's value? What was the value set at yesterday? What did the pre-market do? Given those two things, what would you think the stock price would do following market open? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself and the type of situations you need to learn to see.

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