babynoah Mar 23, 17 2:11 PM

No. If you got a good one.

praxitek Mar 23, 17 3:03 PM

If you buy and sell and buy the same stock w/in a 30 day window, if you loose money the IRS will not allow you to deduct it.

windy76 Mar 23, 17 6:59 PM

Wash sale rule will be applied for 30 day window. You cannot write off your loss. If your are getting net good profit then you are fine.

Fox_Trader Mar 23, 17 8:07 PM

You can swing trade it. Or if your wanting to be more frequently get more accounts more Day trades. Alot of traders buy at the close and sell in the morning panic. It depends what your wanting to do

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timothysykes Mar 23, 17 10:05 AM

@bigman yup I don't allow BS, smack yourself in the head 52 times, maybe it'll make you smarter

SanketJ Mar 23, 17 12:00 PM

@timothysykes Tim. Haters will hate. Big man here isn't such a big man because you are the one with multiple millionaire students.. multiple schools.. you are a multi millionaire yourself.. does "BIG MAN" need any more proof as to why STT is so good?... I think you should start taking off idiots from here Tim.

praxitek Mar 23, 17 1:10 PM

Hi Tim, I do understand the premise. My question was purely for edification, as I am still having BASIC gaps in my stocks educations, proof of it is not understanding the variables that play a roll in scanning for stocks.

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@Jules02 Hi Julia, I have noticed since my first day in that you have been getting better and better, slowly but surely, at trading. Just wandering if I can pick your brain and gain some of your experience through your successful actions.

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praxitek Jul 31, 15 1:02 PM

Way to go on your trades. I will try emailing you. Assuming:

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@praxitek Hi, I am flattered that you been watching my trades. I get Tim Alerts my advice would to buy Tim Alerts or Penny Silver also study Tims videos on You Tube there are over 400 once you start to make money then you can write to Tim and ask to be a challenge student. Some of my watch-list stocks are over $20-$30.00 but that these stocks are new stocks which means within 1-6 weeks they will crash that is why they are always on my short list stocks. I put a watch-list on each trading day. Now if you are losing money my advice would be to study hard these videos on You Tube and open a demo account and practices for 3-6 months before going live with your hard earned cash.

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@RussianBear Hi there, I have been following you for about a month now and you are doing pretty good!! Congrats, any advice you can offer. Are you one of Tim's students or are you using different strategies? I have been trying to keep up with the penny stock mentality and it has failed me so far big time, my fault I KNOW!! I am trying to get into the swing now by not trading momentum but rather concentrating in set ups. Any advice?!

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[TimAlerts] IPDN, can't tell if it is my broker, buying the stock is very easy, selling it is a different

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