Mason_The_Trader Dec 09, 16 1:08 PM

Should go up, crude oil is up and OPEC's meeting's are raising the prices daily, expecting it to jump from $51.50 to at least $52.50 if not $53.

rlatona Dec 09, 16 1:33 PM

Agreed. These were pretty much the only two stocks I was consistently profitable in (made like $5K in my retirement account) and was bummed to see them go. Hopefully these new ones are good replacements

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djdavea Dec 06, 16 12:52 PM

Took at $3000+ hit on this. Got into this before joining profitly, should have learned to cut losses early on this one

babynoah Dec 06, 16 12:56 PM

Not a fan of notes anymore. I took hits as well on them this year.

rlatona Dec 06, 16 2:17 PM

Happy to share. Hope this helped some people. I actually had a large portion of my 401K invested in this and got out this morning....thank god I discovered this before it was too late

Fox_Trader Dec 07, 16 6:30 AM

Etrade has shares to short @ 4 percent. I'm in it see what she does in the next 24ish.

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