YawnAlot Apr 04, 17 7:45 PM

Go over the charts for all of them, draw a circle for your entry and a ciircly for your loss, then see whats going on with ur losing trades and on which ones ur more consistent with. I take a snapshot of my trades like that and post it with my trades for easy study material to look back onhttps://profit.ly/1MtXX6

YawnAlot Apr 04, 17 7:46 PM

That works for me to see where i keep screwing up or where im doing good

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tbohen Mar 29, 17 5:21 AM

In summary: 1.either don't trade it 2.risk more. Either is a good option. But tight stop on a batshit stock with 2M float is gonna be tough unless you time it perfectly.

Yultrader Mar 31, 17 5:26 PM

@Jonk87 @tbohen That's about the conclusion I recently find out. To tight stops lead us to consistently lose.

Yultrader Mar 31, 17 5:30 PM

We can often see an extra dip under support late afternoon before the last ramp up. I have been caught a lot there selling for a loss.

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[SuperAlerts] i have a core position that I am holding for IPDN swing....any shares on top of my core, I have been playing the range on the chart and going in/out. Way I look at it , I am taking profits on the way and have a cushion in case stock drops....also gives me more room too add on dips so I don't have a too large position that I am uncomfortable with

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