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asfricksrs Aug 12, 17 7:39 PM

Interesting homework assignment. Yes, from my new view - you picked it apart! First, thank you for sharing the gritty work of the challenge. Your conclusions give me insight to the parroting we do experience as we study and watch his lessons. Not many would bother to open the challenge to the rest of the community with this example homework...thank you. I look forward to your success as you provide me growth with your posts. Thanks again.

Chopper_Trader Aug 12, 17 8:02 PM

Hey Thank you for the comment it is very well appreciated. In the challenge we are all given homework. I do this every night on tim's trades.It's a valuable lesson.

KentCrane Aug 13, 17 11:09 PM

Agreed, thanks for sharing.

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abusedbacon Jul 08, 17 8:42 AM

Are big dollar stocks really easier than stocks under $10? I remember reading that you're competing against algos and other big players pretty much. I may check out awesomecalls since you recommended

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:56 AM

Arik: I enjoyed your video, I keep following you, now you are getting with the big leagues. Congratulations !!!

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:58 AM

Arik: I'd like to know who you are trading with, could not cacth it from the video, Really appreciate it, thanks

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RolandWolf May 01, 17 7:12 PM

Days to cover = Shares short/Average daily volume... So 2,000,000 shares short and average daily volume is 1,000,000, then 2 days to cover.

BigBobby May 01, 17 7:43 PM

Anything over 10 can make it fly if there is a catalyst.

april4 May 01, 17 7:54 PM

in @Turbobob 's words - "....over 10 and let the fireworks begin!"... Donna - Follow Bob Knight...he is a sea of knowledge.

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xbows Aug 03, 17 9:02 PM

I think Nate M. and Sykes parted ways a few years ago and now the guys at IU post their trades on Tradervue

redwolf90 Aug 03, 17 9:55 PM

They should settle their differences with a freestyle rap battle like grown adults

ZachR Nov 29, 17 12:50 PM

be precise with your entries and don't be greedy with your exits. nice work 16of 17 wow!

TATwinz Jan 23, 18 7:07 PM

awesome, great blog posts thanks. best regards to your wife. i think they just need more kids lol.

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DexCannon Mar 29, 17 2:00 PM

Glad I found this. I use T.D. Ameritrade and Robinhood. Takes 3 days for funds to settle after a day trade. And I just run into PDT Rule w/ RH. I was looking for another broker and don't care to deal w/ SureTrader.

Fox_Trader Mar 29, 17 2:24 PM

Might want to check a different phone provider , might luck out and find a provider with better coverage in your area. I worked in the Oil field in North Dakota. Check the coverage area Map. T-Mobile I used up there. Don't believe the phone car salesmen they will tell ya anything​ for a sale. You can also trade from a Tablet. Bought my little girl one for her birthday 60 dollars ya can use for trading with Robinhood. It's a new Kurio

Fox_Trader Mar 29, 17 2:26 PM

Any Tablet with Google play store will be able to download the App. You will need a Internet connection to run the App

StevieW Mar 29, 17 6:14 PM

Interactive Brokers if you have an account of $10k or more. Their fee structure is very low and on a per share basis.

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