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abusedbacon Jul 08, 17 8:42 AM

Are big dollar stocks really easier than stocks under $10? I remember reading that you're competing against algos and other big players pretty much. I may check out awesomecalls since you recommended

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:56 AM

Arik: I enjoyed your video, I keep following you, now you are getting with the big leagues. Congratulations !!!

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:58 AM

Arik: I'd like to know who you are trading with, could not cacth it from the video, Really appreciate it, thanks

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RolandWolf May 01, 17 7:12 PM

Days to cover = Shares short/Average daily volume... So 2,000,000 shares short and average daily volume is 1,000,000, then 2 days to cover.

BigBobby May 01, 17 7:43 PM

Anything over 10 can make it fly if there is a catalyst.

april4 May 01, 17 7:54 PM

in @Turbobob 's words - "....over 10 and let the fireworks begin!"... Donna - Follow Bob Knight...he is a sea of knowledge.

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xbows Aug 03, 17 9:02 PM

I think Nate M. and Sykes parted ways a few years ago and now the guys at IU post their trades on Tradervue

redwolf90 Aug 03, 17 9:55 PM

They should settle their differences with a freestyle rap battle like grown adults

ZachR Nov 29, 17 12:50 PM

be precise with your entries and don't be greedy with your exits. nice work 16of 17 wow!

TATwinz Jan 23, 18 7:07 PM

awesome, great blog posts thanks. best regards to your wife. i think they just need more kids lol.

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DexCannon Mar 29, 17 2:00 PM

Glad I found this. I use T.D. Ameritrade and Robinhood. Takes 3 days for funds to settle after a day trade. And I just run into PDT Rule w/ RH. I was looking for another broker and don't care to deal w/ SureTrader.

Fox_Trader Mar 29, 17 2:24 PM

Might want to check a different phone provider , might luck out and find a provider with better coverage in your area. I worked in the Oil field in North Dakota. Check the coverage area Map. T-Mobile I used up there. Don't believe the phone car salesmen they will tell ya anything​ for a sale. You can also trade from a Tablet. Bought my little girl one for her birthday 60 dollars ya can use for trading with Robinhood. It's a new Kurio

Fox_Trader Mar 29, 17 2:26 PM

Any Tablet with Google play store will be able to download the App. You will need a Internet connection to run the App

StevieW Mar 29, 17 6:14 PM

Interactive Brokers if you have an account of $10k or more. Their fee structure is very low and on a per share basis.

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