@RolandWolf you didn't trade anything this week?

RolandWolf Aug 05, 17 7:53 PM

I did. Just need to upload them!

uzcuzz Aug 05, 17 9:59 PM

I see, I didn't see anything much this week but $DRYS that break out on Wednesday, but I didn't trade it. Just wanna see how you go through a rough week. Thanks man

abusedbacon Aug 06, 17 10:47 AM

I think was an extremely dead week for small caps, so that may have been your problem as well as mine. I'm considering learning large caps

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abusedbacon Jul 08, 17 8:42 AM

Are big dollar stocks really easier than stocks under $10? I remember reading that you're competing against algos and other big players pretty much. I may check out awesomecalls since you recommended

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:56 AM

Arik: I enjoyed your video, I keep following you, now you are getting with the big leagues. Congratulations !!!

nirvanaghk Jul 08, 17 8:58 AM

Arik: I'd like to know who you are trading with, could not cacth it from the video, Really appreciate it, thanks

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huperauxano Jul 07, 17 4:27 PM

VSTM took my money yesterday and I wanted to revenge trade it today but I held off because I knew that's what I was doing.....

aidan222sharpe Jul 07, 17 4:39 PM

there is just some tickers you know will tank, like GLBS. such a turd company and without huge amounts of volume will not be able to hold support

aidan222sharpe Jul 07, 17 4:40 PM

GLBS is like DRYS, permashort. be extra careful going long on these

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sebastrades Jun 19, 17 10:24 AM

@timothysykes im not trying to teach others Tim, just sharing my journey, ups and downs! I know I still have a long way to go

timothysykes Jun 19, 17 10:35 AM

@sebastrades sharing your journey takes time away from when you should be studying, you can easily still just post on Profitly and share that way, I see too many students trying to do too much, focus on learning to make $

sebastrades Jun 19, 17 10:55 AM

@timothysykes I appreciate the feedback!I spend 4-6 hours a day studying on top of a busy schedule, so I agree with what you're saying, but I wanna test the waters and see how it goes, plus sharing my trades with people might help me make better trades(if that makes any sense) #nodaysoff

Torkers Jun 19, 17 6:19 PM

Have to agree with Tim - if youre time is limited this can easily take focus of your studying =)

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ruvinay Feb 11, 16 11:24 PM

I would go with the robinhood app if you're going to trade on the go!

DboyDrizzyDrew Feb 12, 16 1:54 AM

yeah robinhood is decent for semi small positions. i do it in class and hasn't caused me any issue but i haven't trusted it with bigger positions than 300 shares at a time. no commissions which is nice

togmaster Mar 24, 16 10:34 PM

@AxeCapital On the new released Scottrade app the is a button to turn on the streaming of real tim on the bottome left hand side. All my trades are done by mobile device.

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