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gmjanicek Nov 15, 17 7:31 AM

I enjoy reading your incitements on the stocks you research. Look forward to more of your blogs/watchlists.

mkm123 Nov 19, 17 6:47 PM

What are your price expectations on SORL in the next few days?

gmjanicek Nov 19, 17 9:08 PM

I believe SORL will drop back down under $6

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dauber360 Jun 09, 17 4:32 AM

Doin alright. The hardest lesson for me is: don't get greedy. Smart gamblers win and leave, dumb gamblers win and give it all back.

Thadewman112 Jun 09, 17 7:53 AM

Thanks man. Yeah, greed is definitely an issue. I feel like greed isn't my personal biggest issue though. I think my biggest issue is being stubborn and trying to get revenge on a stock lol

Thadewman112 Jun 09, 17 7:57 AM

When I have a loss I need to take it as a loss and move on unless the market shows better plays. I've gotten lucky and forced a profit with patience on stubborn trades a couple of times but I feel that will ultimately fail me.

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