NickE Aug 30, 17 3:17 PM

Awesome! Definitely on the right track, documenting everything and journaling on charts. I always like to be able to look back on my previous trades and reflect on them. Good job!

Pandabear Aug 30, 17 6:16 PM

@NickE Thanks. That's the only way I learn and remember what to do and what not to do. :)

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NickE Aug 27, 17 4:02 PM

What is your opinion/trade plan on it?

RC0002653 Aug 27, 17 4:25 PM

It's a no play for me, price is too high, not a penny stock

NickE Aug 27, 17 4:27 PM

A no play is fine. The important part is to have a well thought out plan with clear risk, and stick to it, should you choose to trade the ticker.

Stoops009 Aug 27, 17 6:36 PM

I think it's a good stock to go long on if you're able to hold for awhile

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brandonkoy Dec 14, 22 4:03 AM

old overnight because 200% up with no news. 2nd day gap down and panic. 3rd day set a higher low back on watch. Looking to break 1st initial high. Next trade Thursday missed morning spike. 2.35 resistance from Monday. Broke 2.35 big pullback to 2.20s held started pushing back up into resistance. Entry 2.38 did not hold long because move was so fast and straight up no consolidation. Exit into spikes 2.68 avg. Got up into 3. Runners that are not dying there is possibility for a short squeeze. Jus

Crazey_Canuck Feb 07, 23 9:25 AM

Thanks Roland going over your dvd as well

parvitrade Feb 28, 2:33 AM

Thanks RolandWolf - Still working

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