@Orane Your winning % is 89%???? Is this real? Tim says never to believe anyone that says that. How is this possible?

NWG Oct 06, 16 7:23 AM

hes F***king pro ask tim if he's legit

Elucky Oct 07, 16 2:16 AM

Orane has a passion for trading. He shares his knowledge and give us free video lessons. After listen to a few of his videos, this guy is no joke. Anyway, hope he will hit his 1 million mark by Dec 2017!keep up the great work...thx you for dreaming the possible in penny-land & trading!

kcsmoney108 Oct 10, 16 4:18 PM

I like your energy and great perspective!!!

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@Orane A copy of your journal would be a great asset to my education! htran1993@outlook.com

Elucky Sep 30, 16 1:34 AM

Great job. Want to see you hit $1 million. My money is tight up with NVAX, would love to follow your play on smaller scale. Thx for your great learning video.

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