Scotslassie Dec 27, 16 8:23 AM

@Youn_gun706 hi I am trying to change my minimum amount but can't find where you change it in marketwatch, can you help

Youn_gun706 Dec 27, 16 1:06 PM

Once you create a game you can't change it. join mine I think the minimum is like 50 cents

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Arussell125 Dec 24, 16 3:30 PM

having an exit point is the most important thing you should know

petwyt1218 Dec 24, 16 5:01 PM

Thanks guys. Palmer I don't really relate to much of what you said about new traders because I've been studying long enough (much longer than my profit chart indicates) to know what a big move is and I definitely don't have expectations of hitting home runs every trade. The example I was asking about was TKAI on Thursday morning. I bought it around 9:37AM at 1.46 and watched it go up to 1.60 (which wasnt a S/R level) and then come back down and I sold for a 2 cent/share loss. If i had sold at 1.

Arussell125 Dec 24, 16 5:49 PM

I was in that play, level 2 was a big factor

petwyt1218 Dec 24, 16 11:31 PM

Ah ok, so now I'll know to watch lvl 2 like a hawk because I've been sort of disregarding it and relying almost solely on patterns and volume as indicator.

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petwyt1218 Dec 14, 16 2:34 PM

It is very complicated but I think for good reason. There's so many great things you can do. Imo if ToS had more shares to short it would be the perfect broker

h0408365 Dec 14, 16 4:11 PM

It's the perfect broker imo. Amazing charts and tools at your disposal once you figure everything out. Just shitty on finding shares to short.

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@Orane A copy of your journal would be a great asset to my education!

Elucky Sep 30, 16 1:34 AM

Great job. Want to see you hit $1 million. My money is tight up with NVAX, would love to follow your play on smaller scale. Thx for your great learning video.

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