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BruceLeeroy Feb 04, 1:06 AM

"By far not having reliable shares to short has been my number one issue"

BruceLeeroy Feb 04, 1:26 AM

then study up on going long and commit to it. change your strategy if it no longer serves your best interests. blaming someone else for your failures never leads to success. Realizing what hasn't worked for you, and owning it, is a step in a better direction.

TomKob11 Feb 04, 8:34 AM

@BruceLeeroy yeah ive realized this, i do go long, but i only have 2 long setups and 12 short setups, thats because the short side is much more reliable on small caps and will always be that way. I could probably develop more long setups but they will likely be quick plays.

TomKob11 Feb 04, 8:35 AM

i will always have more edge going short

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