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Vaytzman Jul 27, 17 3:27 AM

thanks alot Tim! the videos are very very helpfull!

Hankar Jul 27, 17 4:56 AM

thanks a lot Tim

nicojamesg Jul 27, 17 6:46 PM

Great video thanks. I know you're the short king but if you ever decide to go long on a stock I would love to see your mindset and what you look at when you go long as well! :)

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 18 11:24 AM

As you and sykes always say...Do NOT chase Alerts!!!! Thanks Tim

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nicojamesg Jul 24, 17 6:36 PM

You are the man thanks Tim love your teaching you make it so easy to understand. Sound quality was fine on this btw lol

YPFF Jul 24, 17 7:03 PM

Thank you for sharing Tim. It was great to be able to see how to short the front side of the move, using VWAP as an indicator as well as when to stay in the trade, in spite it going a bit against you and when to cover into the next dip.

zaraza Jan 20, 19 2:04 PM

Thanks Tim.. Nice trade.

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