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redwagonrider Aug 17, 19 12:49 AM

Evertime I watch this, I learn something new! love your videos and the way you describe your mindset on holding your positions through the choppiness. Solid perspective of letting winners run.

Kingsalini Sep 08, 19 5:37 AM

Always a good watch wild lil gems here

Familyguy Sep 09, 19 2:09 AM

awesome video, watching now for 3rd time. Very informative. What trading software are you using? Looks very easy to use.

QuentinC Sep 10, 19 12:34 AM

Rewatching this video and still learning from it. Thanks Huddie.

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@dux Hi Steven, I am a profitly member in Tim's challenge. I want to pre order your DVD, but I need to ask as I am an american residing mostly (I come back once or twice a year for a while) in Asia in Thailand, can you ship the physical DVD to asia? or will you have a FTP or streaming download type of delivery? I want to pre order, I greatly appreciate if you can take the time to reply. FYI, I was pretty darn amazed at your $DCIX short that afternoon (I was in chat room with you)where you ripped away 72k in profits in one hour. That was just "awesome" - Great stuff Steven, Again thank you for your time - Seth in Thailand - Cheers!

dux Nov 13, 17 2:47 PM

it will be online steam

e042k7cl3 Nov 19, 17 3:45 AM


dux Nov 19, 17 11:17 AM


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