Hey bud, just FYI. RE: EARS - I told you earlier in chat that Sykes bought in at 1.95 and was waiting for a gap up tomorrow morning. But he just posted his alert and he sold his position when things went upside down on him prior to market close today.

MBrandt Jan 07, 10:23 AM

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas,( trading without fear)

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@Amyleighc25 just became a fully transparent trader today!

MBrandt Oct 19, 18 4:17 PM

Thanks for the Karma. The reason I asked is because you are jumping into trading so soon, and taking big positions. You seem to be trading without fear, which is a problem I've been having. Am I right about your lack of fear?

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Received 37 Karmas
RoyCreditor Aug 18, 18 1:17 PM

Can't wait to earn that privelege by become consistent

MBrandt Aug 22, 18 7:27 PM

Paulo, saw the list of AWX trades by Mint Broker. Why do they do it that way? What are they trying to accomplish? Really interesting. Thanks for posting.

ZachR Oct 14, 18 11:16 PM

Fantastic Thanks Huddie

Atiqe Oct 27, 18 3:52 PM

Great Proper Risk Management Strategy, noted down with details, 🙌@Huddie

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Hey Hagen where are you from. I don't see to many people with last name Lambright. My last name as well.

MBrandt Sep 10, 18 7:24 PM

Saw your comment about wishing you had p/m scanners on TOS. I got my p/m scanner settings from a guy on youtube who uses TOS, Ricky Gueterez (spelling? ) and it works great.

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