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The_Swede Jan 15, 18 5:28 AM

Forgot at work and in sweden market is open. To much on my plate atm. Crypto, stocks, blog, teaching, working, and so on.. Planing for the future.

Torkers Jan 15, 18 5:30 AM

Yeah - 12-15 hour work days always here and try to trade study 4-8 hours also =D

Fox_Trader Jan 15, 18 8:52 PM

go to your dashboard section, then statistics print it up and stare at it until there's a area that your good at. After that make spread sheets which patterns fit your trading criteria . ??

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The_Swede Jul 24, 17 9:04 AM

Hey Steven. Sent you some Skype messages. Lets talk moore and lets get you on the right track. Hope england was great.

Jonk87 Jul 24, 17 9:06 AM

@The_Swede hey man, just back from Amsterdam so catching up on stuff now. For sure, let's Sykpe whenever this week I'm off work the whole week in the UK. Will message you there.

SAndrews Jul 24, 17 9:29 AM

Listen to Tim and try paper trading for a week get you back in the groove, honestly that's what this institutional does if he has a losing week. @timothysykes knows him James Kensington you should protect your equity at all costs nothing wrong with demo trading to get you back in the zone 😀.

Fne Jul 24, 17 10:38 AM

@Jonk87 green on red month doesn't matter so much .. In fact hide your P&L

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