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NoviceUnicorn Aug 29, 16 8:08 PM

@Legendario The problem is liquidity. BEGINNERS should not play OTCBB and if you do it should be a very small portion of capital. Not that they are bad to play but you can get screwed over fast. Personally I only keep 1 OTC stock in my trading folio at any one time.

NoviceUnicorn Sep 22, 16 9:48 PM

@3dpancake You say it is NOT liquidity but, then you stipulate it needs $500K volume... that's called liquidity. I am saying, MOST OTCBB can be very illliquid and you can get stuck if you aren't using that as a primary gauge.

NoviceUnicorn Sep 24, 16 2:45 AM

@3dpancake Good luck in your future trades.

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