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FancyNancy Mar 07, 21 11:35 AM

Thank you!! You are an inspiration!

verty Mar 10, 21 5:05 PM

I've been following you for Jonks Donks on YouTube, keep inspiring

Windwalzer Mar 18, 21 12:43 PM

Thank you for proving how important it is to keep studying, watch the charts, hang in there, and never give up. You share from your heart Thank you.

naveedahmed Apr 04, 21 11:30 AM

Love the beautiful brazilian girl narrative

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NoviceUnicorn Aug 29, 16 8:08 PM

@Legendario The problem is liquidity. BEGINNERS should not play OTCBB and if you do it should be a very small portion of capital. Not that they are bad to play but you can get screwed over fast. Personally I only keep 1 OTC stock in my trading folio at any one time.

NoviceUnicorn Sep 22, 16 9:48 PM

@3dpancake You say it is NOT liquidity but, then you stipulate it needs $500K volume... that's called liquidity. I am saying, MOST OTCBB can be very illliquid and you can get stuck if you aren't using that as a primary gauge.

NoviceUnicorn Sep 24, 16 2:45 AM

@3dpancake Good luck in your future trades.

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