$CEMI TRADE- had a big gap up/FGD with huge volume- came down to a support level and thought it was going to hold and bounce more toward the highs but bounced very little before dropping the rest of the day- good job of cutting losses

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Up until today, I have only been trading with CashApp and I didn't realize the stress that goes behind a trade because I've never been able to see the orders being executed and how fast they actually run because I've never had an actual trading platform. After dealing with restrictions on my Etrade account, I was finally able to get it resolved and I am finally able to trade through the platform so this would be my first time making a trade. Well, $CEMI was my second one. AMC was the first. So happy to be learning all this. It's been my dream for the past who knows how many years.

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$CEMI. Didn't trade it because I needed to take a shit. I wanted to go in at $6 and take ten to fifteen cents. Went up to $6.25 and fell back down.

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