Received 6 Karmas
Titan06 Apr 05, 10:43 AM

Tim you do repeat yourself but i can see why i stick to your simple rules have been VERY USEFUL TO ME....been alot better at dip buying and watching out for them....morning spikes as well and technical b/os so thank your teachings mentor

Grimes Apr 10, 8:37 AM

Classic Sykes lol. Good stuff

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$8,460 profit CEMI Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade example - personal stop loss is the 4EMA and personal target high 5's or 6's or more if it works

Exit comments: SUPER TRADE !! May go higher and could have left some on

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[TimAlerts] $CEMI another bio tech company awarded a multi-million dollar contract with the government. Multi-day breakout possible it could test julys high of $8.50? or Junes of $9?

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