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HenryCraig Mar 12, 1:09 AM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

timcobra Mar 24, 2:18 AM

Thanks Tim, I love newbie shorts. At the same time I'm not going to bet the farm when I'm long

10xtrader Mar 28, 10:33 PM

Loving newbie shorts that don't understand the risks. Stocks have a potential unlimited upside but only 100% downside that these shorts are going for, LOL, GL not getting squeezed BF it goes to 0

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$BIOC squeezing very similarly to $OTLK and we have all the newbie short sellers these days to thank, they lose big after losing after losing big, then they get introspective on Twitter or they just don't show their losses, but we thank them for their existence and naivety :)

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