$67 profit OPTI Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this first green day, OTC former runner, would love to see it retest the morning highs in the .043s, not sure if I'll hold overnight, but goal is to make 15-30% into power hour or overnight

Exit comments: Small gain but no big late day runup or convincing breakout over the morning highs and recent first green day OTC winners like DLOC/TPTW failed the next day so I'll just take this as a scratch and look to rebuy tomorrow, maybe on another big morning dip like DLOC had today

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HIMMENY Jul 08, 1:46 PM

there are so many opportunities, this market is beautiful, One trade at a time, learn every day, trade the right patterns, thanks T

kcwonnersc Jul 10, 5:45 PM

I will take advantage of the opportunities

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$155 profit OPTI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the breakout on this OTC runner, lets see how far it can go, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: Small gain for me but no big run like I wanted, it's that kind of day for me, only up $2k on the day now, not gonna trade so aggressively again right now, adapt to what's working and what's not working too! TLSS/IPIX from yesterday working much better

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Mdc2020 Jun 18, 2:28 PM

We need a panic drop on IPIX

RChen Jun 19, 12:58 AM


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6/1/2020 Events on $OPTI Decided to buy because the stock had spiked more than 10% and decent volume. Chart didn't show a great history history of spikes but solid news about signing an exclusive agreement for a new line of FAR UVC LED disinfecting lighting products for distribultion. Schedule to release in June (california). News was released Friday (may 29th) time unknown. It closed on Friday (may 29th) and 0.0036 and opened at 0.0047. Bought 50,000 at .00455 @ 9:30:55am on its way down the morning dip panic Stock dipped to .0038 Bought 50,000 at .00457 @ 9:39:53am on it's way back up. Bought 100,000 at .0058 @ 9:43:32am. Thought process was it passed the morning open may continue to spike up. Total of 200000 shares Stock peaked at .006 (hod) at 9:45am Stock consolidated around .0054 range. Thought process was that it was a fake dip and will probably move back up. It's good to note here that my mental stop loss was .0036 which seems kind of ridiculous now looking back. I missed OPTI dip once again this time past my mental stop because I was too busy watching my profits disappear on TLSS. (backstory: I was up 13k before crash, but sold at a 4k+ profit. Note: greed is a hell of a drug.) As if I hadn't made enough mistakes, I bought this stock again (100000) @ .0028 I couldn't tell you why. Now I hold 300000 shares down $500 (note I tried to sell earlier but my executions weren't going through, I still couldn't tell you why I bought more after that) Thoughts: Aside from the obvious mess ups (not cutting losses, fear trading etc), I'm trying to see where I went wrong in picking this ticker in the first place. I've been watching video lessons daily, taking notes, reading grittani's blog, watching trading tickers, just finished the trader checklist (free) and I still feel blind. I know not to trust early day breakouts, afternoon seems more reliable. Because it was still up from the previous day close I was expecting an afternoon breakout. I need to work on understanding different setups and picking the right ones.

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