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playintheodds Jul 18, 3:20 PM

Sympathy plays - when a stock spikes in a sector other stocks in that sector can follow the some momentum. Stocks in hot sectors with big volume and the rights catalyst can run

playintheodds Jul 18, 3:24 PM

@Cynthia Not everyone has the same learning curve or learning style. I think trading is such an individual experience and people need to learn what works best for them. You cant expect to be profitable the first or second year. If you manage to break even after a year consider yourself in a good position as 90%+ of traders loss.

Cynthia Jul 21, 11:37 AM

Thanks,playintheodds, I'm not sure if I can breakeven by the year end, hope it's something I will be launching at when look back, but I doubt. Thanks and good luck.

Aanko1991 Jul 25, 3:52 AM

Thanks Tim. Appreciate all of your hard work

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Subscribed to both the SuperNova & Morning Profits programs. I know it is early in the process, but for me have had zero success in $$"S in both. But have learned much therefore increasing my Knowledge Pool!

handsoff47 Jun 09, 8:58 AM

Daytrading here I come! giving it a try, I've been watching videos, researching, reading and now time to get my feet wet.

handsoff47 Jun 10, 10:51 AM

First successful trade, $DPW bought at 4.57 sold at 6.18

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