i save perfect pattern charts!, checkout this beeeautiful cup and handle from awhile back, i bought that one for sure!

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DocBrian May 07, 8:07 PM

thanks for posting and sharing what you're learning !

DocBrian May 07, 8:34 PM

you know, that is so perfect that even the r:r follows "typical cup/handle" methodology--Measure from the bottom of the cup to the left side of the handle and add it to the breakout line for "potential" limit to the breakout (i don't to say price target, because then people might get lazy and not watch the L2 / price action)

DocBrian May 07, 8:36 PM

but knowing the "textbook" cup/handle definition can at least tell you if the b/o is weak, normal, or strong...and also give you an idea if it's failing or if it's just proving itself (at least that's my theory)....also, if you're looking at multi-day charts, the "textbook" risk level is the bottom of the cup, but for intraday, I've been using the bottom of the handle....If the handle doesnt curl up, I'm gone.....

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