Comin' out blastin like Yosemite Sam!

Jim_Bob_buey May 14, 11:43 AM

I know I have had literally no activity on here for the first few weeks, then things started clicking and falling into place, felt guilty trading without posting so I did a bulk upload to get caught up, went through last night making comments throughout my short trading history.

Jim_Bob_buey May 14, 11:48 AM

My confession(s): Forgive me, faddah, for I have sinned, I have traded without posting, but now all my closed trades are caught up (although many are multiple trades which are painstakingly summarized with accurate averaged figures). I have traded sloppily without a plan, just because I thought it looked good and thought i'd throw some money at it and see what happens; not good. I have not always followed Rule#1, especially in like EROS and DCAR. Expensive, well-learned lessons (i hope).

Jim_Bob_buey May 14, 11:54 AM

More confessions: I'm an addict and a gunslinger. So I'm not going to be a top student. Even if and when I start rolling in the dough, I won't be a "top student" because I'm not starting from scratch. I'm starting from sales of a ranch in Nebraska that my grandparents bought and my parents worked hard to keep.. But my sister cashed in and sold it. I want to buy it back, but more importantly, I can't fuck up my parents and grandparents legacy, what they worked hard to build their dream on and set

Jim_Bob_buey Jul 14, 10:44 AM

Couldn't log in with ETrade to get my trades verified, but what the hey - a lot of people who are supposedly transparent talk about trades on chat but still have 0 trades 0 dollars.

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