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D22 Sep 15, 19 3:23 PM

@Moischeln this is my IB platform - I like the customizability of their TWS so can can format and create my own scanners etc.

D22 Sep 15, 19 3:25 PM

@Moischeln thanks for the feedback. my pleasure to help :) I don't think sharing my spreadsheets would be as much value as you'd think. the setups I trade aren't super relevant to HOW you'd trade it or even the same setups that work for your personality. so even if I shared the spreadsheets you'd have to recreate them to work for you and understand the things you were looking for. I think its more valuable for me to share the thought process and psychology behind the setups and for you to dive d

D22 Sep 15, 19 3:27 PM

@millerruth23 Thank you! glad I could help. ill try and do more of these in the future for sure. could messages of feedback seem positive so ill try and put more out

D22 Sep 15, 19 3:44 PM

@Moischeln no problem, glad to help - keep up the studies! :)

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@wkulmann hey kulmann vo wo chuunsch? I fange erst ah aber i bruche en schwiitzer wo mir helft en broker zfinde. chönntish mir echt helfe? merci

danijel Jun 09, 16 4:23 PM

hallo ich bin aus Biel und bin auch neu mit trade!

jamyangdoji Feb 06, 19 1:52 PM

can anyone tell me what's the best broker in Swiss

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